If you’re a small to medium sized business owner and you’d like to know how you
can increase your revenue without needing to spend money on advertising or give
away all your time, then you should keep reading. Being a business owner isn’t easy,
not by a long-shot.

You’re out there working long hard days and sometimes it’s a thankless job, especially
when you’re constantly marketing and looking for new customers day in and day out.

Have you ever felt this way?

Of course you have, and somewhere in your heart of hearts you probably know you can get through it and achieve your well-deserved early retirement – so you can do what you want, when you want.

When it comes down to it, you should be making a bundle for all the headaches you put up with, but for some reason – no matter how hard you try – it just isn’t happening as fast as you want it to.

You’ve probably felt:

  • Frustrated and tired of the rat race, always on the hunt for new customers. We know how you’re feeling, we were fed up with this same thing.
  • Angry at the advertising companies who have no problem taking your money without giving you the results they promise. Or maybe you’d just like your advertising to be more effective.

And you know what?

You shouldn’t need to feel this way.

That’s why at Strategic Edge Marketing we created a marketing system that becomes an asset in your business to bring in revenues every month without the routine of new customer acquisition.

We spent a lot longer than we’d like to admit trying to crack the secrets of more profits without more advertising and new customers. We’re here to help a limited number of businesses put these secrets to work.

You deserve to get all you possibly can from each customer you attract to your business.

After all, isn’t that how your business should be?


My name is Dave Steele, president of Strategic Edge, and I want to give you the back-end you deserve.

No, I don’t mean that kind of back-end!Mind Out of Gutter

I’m talking about a powerful back-end marketing system. The “sale after the sale”, it’s what you sell to your clients or customers, after you’ve sold them your “main” service or product.

Give me a call and I’ll give you some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Yours truly,

Dave Steele
President, Strategic Edge Marketing
Telephone: (250) 884-3804

Here’s a simple back-end selling secret for how to turn 2 words into $26,754 dollars… Selling pretty much anything!

Not all of your back-end is follow up after the purchase. Many times it’s as simple as saying the right thing at the right time.

To make sure you understand the power of back-end selling let me give you a free proven, truly easy way to start increasing your sales immediately on the back-end.


Ever go into a restaurant and order a soft drink?

Of course you have.

And the sever usually ask you, right after you place your order “Small or Large”?

By changing what the server says it can literally transform the restaurant overnight.

All you need to do is add these 2 words into your selling system.

Instead of asking “Small or Large” what if the server just said “Large One?”

Elmer Wheeler tested this line in five thousand selling situations and the results showed when the server asked “Large one?”

7 out of every 10 people, answered “Yes!”

In a restaurant serving 300 people a day with servers doing this, 210 people will order the large drink.

If the large drink is $0.35 more this translates into $26,754 dollars a year with zero extra marketing costs.

This same idea can be used in almost any business.

In a photography store when people are filling out their forms to get their pictures developed, instead of saying “Singles or doubles?”, you can say “Doubles?”.

If you own a landscaping company, instead of asking Shrubs and Lawn?”, you’d say “Whole Yard?”

And if you’re a hairdresser, instead of asking “Cut and Shampoo?”, you just say “Shampoo?”.

What the MasterCard Slogan “Priceless” has to do with making more money in your business.

This is a story about a farmer and a handyman.

You see the farmer could do just about anything and when his radiator broke, he did just as he always does…

He researched the problem and read up on how to fix it.  This time for whatever reason the farmer could not fix his annoying problem.  Countless hours went into trying to fix it but still the radiator over heated.

Tired and frustrated, he finally gave in and decided to open the phone book to look for help.

So farmer Joe calls the biggest ad stating “I can fix anything big and small, and fast”

The handyman comes over looks at the radiator and knows instantly what’s wrong. Pulling out a screwdriver with a simple twist of a screw the problem is fixed. Total time taken, about 5 minutes.

The handyman writes up the bill and it’s for $1,000!

The farmer can’t believe it and screams: $1,000 dollars?!? absurd! it only took 5 minutes!

With a smile the handyman takes back the bill and rewrites it to say:

Five minutes of time – $2.
Knowing what screw to turn – $998

Sometimes it’s not about knowing what needs fixing it’s about knowing the right screw to turn.

It’s not about how easy or hard something is, it’s about knowing what to change…. and that’s priceless.

This is also why you absolutely need my help.

It’s not that you can’t learn how to do it, it’s that even if you learn how to do it, you’re still likely to miss something.

And here’s why a nagging spouse is better than your best customers…

Yes you read it right and ladies I hope you appreciate this.

Please understand that your spouse and your customers are pure gold.

But… there’s a big difference between them.

When your spouse is nagging he/she is trying to tell you something.  The nagging usually stops when you start listening.

On the other hand your customers, even your best customers are much more fickle.  They may or may not share their problems with you.  Often you don’t get the chance to make it right. Your customers just move on and the date is all over.

Most business-owners are extremely indifferent to their own customers who have already bought from them, and this will rot your business away, from the inside-out. It’s no different than how being indifferent to your spouse, and taking him or her for granted, will rot your marriage away from the inside-out.

Here, let me give you a specific example of what I’m talking about:

I was on a teleconference the other night, and one of the biggest concerns this group of business-owners had, was getting NEW prospects.

And yet, NONE of them on the call spent ANY time or put ANY effort into focusing on, or marketing to, their existing customers – a very dangerous way to do business.

Not a good way to make a relationship last and also not a good way to treat your customers.

Make sense?


And remember your business doesn’t need to be in danger because you know:

How to build a moat around your customers and make it impossible for your competition to steal them from you.

MoatWhen your customers stop hearing from you, they also stop thinking about you as well. You want to build a moat around your customers to protect them from the competition.  But if you don’t speak with them on a regular basis, you are leaving them to be picked off one by one. This is utterly guaranteed.

And when this happens, you are EXTREMELY susceptible to losing them to your competition (this is actually the number ONE reason why people lose business), thus NOT getting any referrals from them, and when you decide to offer NEW products and services, or back-end products, it’s very awkward to all of a sudden contact them and ask for money.

So, you simply must show your existing customers you DO care about them, by constantly staying in touch with them.

Make them “friends for life” instead of transactions you use to fill your refrigerator, and they’ll respect the relationship as much as you do.

If you’re like many business owners you’ve probably heard this whole spiel before, heck you may have even tried it.

… And maybe your thinking it doesn’t work.

But let me stop you right there.

Doing the right things, doesn’t mean you did things right!

What I’d like to do is give you an automatic follow up relationship building system so you can rest easy knowing your customers are sticking around.

Let’s Get Your Back-End Going:
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You Can Instantly Increase Your Closing Rate by 810% and put your sales people in the top 10% of closers.

Did you know…
  • 67% of the prospective buyers that tell you “no” today will be ready to buy in the next year. — Gartner Research
  • 80% of leads you consider to be “dead” will buy within 2 years. — Sirius Decisions

Increase ClosingAnd the “fatal” mistake which literally almost all business owners are making is not continually following up with EVERY lead or prospect! I know, it takes time and hard work but the payoff is worth it.

What if there was an easy way? Would you be interested?

But first, answer me this question: How many times should you follow up to close a sale?

  • 2% of sales close on the 1st call
  • 3% of sales close on the 2nd call
  • 4% of sales close on the 3rd call
  • 10% of sales close on the 4th call
  • 81% of sales close after the 5th call

Amazing isn’t it? And guess what the real kicker is … most companies stop too soon.

So, when do most companies stop?

  • 48% quit after the 1st call
  • 24% quit after the 2nd call
  • 12% quit after the 3rd call
  • 6% quit after the 4th call
  • 10% quit after the 5th call

Amazingly! Almost half quit after one try and nearly three-quarters of businesses have given up by the 2nd attempt. Talk about leaving money on the table!

Do I dare ask which one are you?

But don’t worry because…

It’s Not Your Fault
– after all, who has the time for 5 contacts with a prospect…


In business today no one has the time to make so many contacts.

Unless you’re a mega company with deep pockets where are you going to get the man power, the money and the systems to do this?

And your right, normally only big companies have access to the systems I’m going to share and implement for you.

Together we can build your back-end system, make you look like the big boys and do it without extra staff and deep pockets. Your customers and competitors will be wowed and wonder how you do it!

Let’s Get Your Back-End Going:
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I believe this is the ultimate competitive edge and the ultimate moneymaking advantage. The best part is I’ll implement it for you in complete detail.

How many customers have come into your store, looked around and then turned and walked out the door without the courtesy of even introducing themselves?

Shockingly, many companies are OK with this. In fact, the vast majority of businesses are designed to ensure their visitors do just this. They pay so much money to attract and sell to new customers but once this is done these customers disappear.


Gone without a trace!

Does this really, honestly, sound like a good strategy?

What’s even worse is when customers purchase from you once and then never again because you failed to keep in touch and ask them to purchase again.

You Deserve to Increase Sales, Multiple Profits and Mine Every Hidden Asset and Overlooked Opportunity In Your Business.

It’s CRAZY, you’ve already built trust, paid to bring people in the door and collected their information (Hopefully! If you didn’t do this I can help you here as well).

So what are you waiting for? The hard part is over, the big money is on the table. It’s literally waiting for you to take it.

Maybe that’s not a fair question because I know something about most businesses you probably don’t.

95% of all business have ZERO Back-End and you’re likely one of them.

After you’ve “closed the sale” it’s easy to let out a big breath and forget that there’s still work to be done.

You’ve been sprinting as hard as you can to get to the finish line (the sale) … and then you collapse on the ground two feet past the victory tape before you make it to the podium where your customers for life are standing.

Forget about whether you do this or not, and honestly confront this question:

If I offered you $1,000 right now to draw me a detailed diagram of your existing system for creating maximum value and getting maximum income from each customer that enters your business, would you be chest-beating proud of your system????

Business Man

Most business owners would rather strip naked in the center of town at high noon than show me their “back-end marketing system.”

Well, it’s time to do something about that.

Listen, all the cost is in getting the customer. The giant profits can’t come from there.

The giant profits must come after the first sale.

So Let’s Put This Into Action:
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Here’s an example where the profits came from the back-end with the front-end completely failing at first.

Back in 1988, Joe Simpson wrote a book called “Touching The Void”.

This was the story of a mountain climber’s near-death experience while climbing the Peruvian Andes mountains.

 His book got good reviews but in the end didn’t sell many copies on the front-end and after 10 years it was about to go out-of print.

 Jump forward 11 years to 1999. Author Jon Krakauer writes a book about his mountain climbing tragedy on Mount Everest. It was called “Into Thin Air”.

 For whatever reason, Krakauer’s book becomes a hit.

All of a sudden, from out of nowhere,  Joe Simpson’s 11 year-old essentially dead book “Touching The Void” … starts selling again.

This time it’s selling fast!

 How well did “Touching The Void” start selling?

It sold so well, the publisher had to crank out a whole new edition to keep up.

.. and before you know it, it’s on the Bestseller List…

 Not bad for a book that was all but written off .

 And how did this happen?

The answer is simple: Amazon.com recommendations to buy “Touching The Void” as a back-end sale to people who bought “Into Thin Air”.

Incredible, huh?

Why Do Some Companies Get Seven Times More Value Per Customer Than Others???

Quite frankly, if you don’t have a burning desire to know the answer to that question, then you have missed the point of this entire letter, and might as well stop reading now.

If you don’t instantly recognize that knowing the answer(s) to that one question could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to you, then bail out right here.

If you “get it”, then you instantly know:

You Must Build A Back-End Follow Up System For Your Business And You Must Know Every Secret Behind It

Here are just some of the benefits I will create for you by optimizing your back-end marketing strategy:

  • Make a very large, or larger income from serving a surprisingly small number of customers, thus enjoying a simple, low-stress business. 
  • Create very predictable, dependable income. Imagine being able to predicted your next year’s income 10 to 12 months in advance.
  • Make your business saleable for a large “exit payday.”  This may or may not interest you in the short-term, but think about the long view.
  • Multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.

Once my system is fully deployed in your business, you’ll be on a most unusual economic curve, able to work less and less yet make more and more.

Keep two very important things in mind:

First, I assure you  the reason 95% of all business owners and entrepreneurs never get beyond earning a living, to creating gigantic income, profits, wealth and freedom is they don’t have a finely tuned and optimized Back-End.

If you were to re-focus the bulk of your attention, energy and effort to this, your income would take off like a rocket.

Secondly you must also remember, there’s quite a gap between knowing about something and knowing what to do about what you know — and then doing it.

That’s why, I want to offer you action steps and a way to do what 95% won’t do. That is to get focused on tightening, firming, and optimizing your back-end marketing, immediately.

Here’s What the Strategic Edge Back-End System Will Give You:

  1. Expert guidance for choosing the right system and the secrets to making it work.
  2. Effective money generating back-end messages for your business that sell.
  3. Offers structured in the right way so your conversion is dramatically higher.
  4. Powerful, Done-For-You joint ventures for your back-end guaranteed to bring a flood of new customers and sales. Yes we will engineer strategic Joint Ventures for you.
  5. Sequential marketing to ensure maximum conversion.  Remember most leads don’t convert to sales until the 5th contact.
  6. Campaigns that mix email, direct mail, telephone, and other marketing because mixed mediums work better and people are flooded by emails already.
  7. Influential lead capturing strategies implemented to capture more leads for you.
  8. Lead nurturing campaigns to turn non-buyers into buyers. With this strategy you can start profiting from customers you thought were gone for good.
  9. Segmented customer lists for better targeted personalized marketing campaigns.
  10. To send the right message…to the right person…at the right time… intelligently and automatically!
  11. To make your business look and operate like a big business by supercharging your sales funnel, back-end and follow-up systems.
  12. Easy ways to collect customer data that can be used in your back-end marketing system.
  13. A full range of tracking and analytic tools for all of your marketing campaigns.
  14. A / B Split testing on all of your campaigns to test and integrate only the highest converting sales and back-end marketing pieces.
  15. Repeat business and customer loyalty with a real back-end strategy.
  16. The secret for getting lots of other marketers to eagerly use your offers as package inserts, newsletter inserts, mailings to their lists, etc.
  17. Create situations that compel upgrades and up-sells to more expensive products.
  18. A virtually guaranteed way to increase the amount of money your customers spend with you each time they buy.
  19. How to make commonplace products, very UN-common. This makes you stand out amongst your competition and de-commoditizes your products, which is essential if you ever want to get away from the “whose product is cheapest” issue!


Can You Afford to Miss Out on an Extra $10,000 to $40,000 Dollar or More This Year?

And How About Your Spouse… And Your Children… Can They Afford It?

Don’t They Deserve More Too?

That’s the kind of impact a rock solid back-end can have on your wallet. In fact it can be and often is MUCH more.

A solid back-end guarantees:

  • Your customers stick with you longer and spend more money with you over time.
  • You convert more prospects to customers, in turn making you more money.
  • You can deliver your personal messages over a period of time to your prospects resulting in more unexpected sales.
  • You build long lasting relationship with your prospects protecting them from your competition.
  • You establish your credibility, build trust, and create interest in your offer.
  • Windfall income you’d have never got before. Finally, get the new car, boat or whatever you’ve been dreaming of.

Sounds good?

Of course it does and this isn’t hype I assure you…

Look, there’s only one way to change your situation, and guess what?

Doing the same thing you’ve been doing, isn’t it. What you need is a major boost to your income stream, and you need it right NOW. If you’re really serious about changing your business and your life, you need to call me.

…use these strategies to significantly increase your average transaction size and life time value so you can better offset customer acquisition costs, easily afford more frequent and consistent communication with customers, and enjoy higher profit margins and better cash flow.
Let’s Get Your Back-End Going:
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Trying to Implement on your own could easily cost you 5 or 10 times more than having me do it for you!
Don’t overpay for your back-end by attempting to do it yourself.

Implementation is key and your time is money.

If you know how to do this already  “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE IT?”

It’s important to remember just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

And if you don’t have a rock solid understanding of all this then you really need my help.

Messing up just one single thing could cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunity, customers and time.

But you don’t have to lose any back-end profits when I take your business step by step through our back-end building system.

You don’t have to make these 6 big mistakes:
  • The number one overlooked problem in 90% of back-end strategies.
  • The Cardinal Sin of back-end marketing! Doing this in your back-end has the exact same effect as doing this on a first date (and, it also assures you’ll never get a second date)!
  • The three “concerns” of a potential joint venture partner you must easily answer to get the deal you want — whether he states them or not.
  • The one thing every product should do, that most don’t.
  • The big fouls of newsletter selling ….. what you must not do when sending newsletters.
  • The #1 “unpleasant truth” you must never fight about your back-end.
What you DON’T know about these strategies could very well mean you are working much too hard for the income you have, and leaving large sums of easily acquired income behind.

There are tons of books, websites and blogs teaching you what to do. The problem is, you’re too busy to learn complicated processes, let alone figure out the rapidly-changing technology.

I will not only give you a blue print to a better back-end but also implement your new systems for you. This allows you to quickly re-engage your contacts and begin new back-end marketing campaigns right away.

Start pulling new revenue from your business today. You don’t need to wait for more money and free time.

Guaranteed Back-End Implementation and Guaranteed Results, when’s the last time anyone promised you that?

It’s true the Strategic Edge Back-End Profits System does all kinds of things for your business but the most important thing is we guarantee back-end implementation that starts making you money quickly.

How many times have you watched a video, read a book or had a great new idea you wanted to implement into your business? How many times has time ticked by and eventually you forgot about the whole idea in the first place?

Times Are Tough But Not For You…

Times are tough, the economy isn’t what it used to be and we don’t know when it’s getting better. What we do know is every day your business continues without a proper back-end system you’re risking everything.

But for you this doesn’t need to be doom and gloom.  This is an opportunity, while your competition is struggling you can solidify your place in the market. It means you can become the expert in your industry, the go-to-guy if you will. You can start generating new streams of income for much less than your competition.

Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust and that’s precisely what your new follow up and back-end systems will start doing for you: build awareness, familiarity and trust. Your bottom-line will thank you for it.

Finally a Done-For-You way to boost your closing rate, generate new profits and dramatically increase your customer satisfaction. 

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee:

If when the work is done, you don’t feel  full value was received, then you decide how much it was worth and how much to pay (if anything).

Let’s Get Your Back-End Going:
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Dave Steele
President, Strategic Edge Marketing
Telephone: (250) 884-3804

We’ll Build Your Back-End Marketing to Turn Lookers
Into Buyers and Buyers into Clients for Life.

P.S. Picture this: In just a few short months, I’m GUARANTEEING you’ll have new sales from your existing customers and referrals coming to you “automatically”! What will you do with all this new money you suddenly come into? How will your life CHANGE with all this new-found extra cash?

On the other hand, if you choose not to call me… and ultimately, not to better your life, business and the lives of your family – you will simply be another statistic. You will end up looking back on this very moment, a few years down the line, as simply another “woulda…. coulda… shoulda” decision you messed up.

Which position are you going to be in? The choice is yours.


P.P.S. One more thing, and it’s important: Please understand, I can only take on a few clients at a time. This means to get your back-end going you need to act fast or you might end up on the end of a waiting list. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you may never hear from me again — period. So listen, and listen good:

Think long and hard about what you’ll be missing out on, and what you and your family will be losing, and what you WON’T be having (that you deserve), if you pass this opportunity up!

The world is a very complicated place nowadays, but one thing’s for sure:

Whether you order or not, I will continue to help businesses grow and prosper. And my clients, some of whom may be your fiercest and closest direct competitors, right now … will also continue to grow and prosper. And I’m not making this up, click here to read what other clients are saying.

Please Appreciate this is not hype.

It is just the cold harsh reality of the consequences of you not taking action.

Customers demand more from the businesses they work with. It’s wise and easy when you call me to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s Get Started:
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