Are You Sure You’re Not Encouraging One-time Purchases?

That sounds silly right? There aren’t many occasions when a business owner would encourage someone to buy once and never again.

And we’re sure you’re not specifically telling buyers to never come back again, but we’re subscribers to a philosophy that often identifies the cold, hard reality of our actions. It goes like this:

If you sell products or services and don’t actively pursue follow-up sales, you encourage one-time purchases.

And unfortunately, telling someone “Thank You, Come Again” on their way out the door just doesn’t cut it!

So how can you possibly expect to get hordes of  follow-up sales if you don’t ask for them?

You can’t.

But asking is hard, I don’t like rejection, it takes a lot of time, I don’t want to be pushy, I’m not a salesperson, ____________, ____________, and ____________, (Enter Excuses here).

To be honest – We’re with you!

That’s why we specialize in building systems that do it for you!

Take a minute and imagine if every lead that enters your system is encouraged to purchase, even after they walk out the door. Anybody who did purchase, is asked to purchase something that would complement their original purchase.

Do you think that would translate into more sales?

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