Clients vs. Customers – Find out if you’re really working with the ones you think you are.

Let me ask you a question: Which does your business deal with – Clients or Customers?

Please, take a stance and let’s have a friendly debate. Client or Customer.

Now, I’ve worked with enough business owners to know you probably chose “Client”.

And you very well could be right, but are you interested to test your answer against the insights from an age old dictionary?

Let’s give it a go! We’ll start with Customer.

Webster’s dictionary defines “Customer” as follows:

1. One that purchases a commodity or service.

Phew! You’re in the clear, right?

You couldn’t possibly be dealing with Customers. I mean, after all, you spend time building a relationship with them each and every time they come to visit, you give them top notch service and you always make sure they’re absolutely satisfied with their purchase. It’s much deeper than a simple purchase of a commodity or service. So let’s move on to Client and put an end to this debate already!

Webster’s dictionary defines “Client” as follows:

1. One that is under the protection of another: Dependent.

Ah, therein lies  the distinction.

To truly have a Client relationship, your buyer must be under your protection and be dependent on your ongoing care.

So ask yourself, how frequently do you experience “buyers” who purchase your product or service only to go on their merry way never to be seen or heard from again?

If you can identify with this, how truly protected  are those buyers? How dependent are they on your ongoing care?

If your business frequently experiences these types of buyers, it doesn’t sound very Client-like does it?

The result is spending more energy, more time and more money chasing down more buyers to fuel the machine. I’m sure we can both agree that’s a pretty hairy path to early retirement.

The worst part?

You know in your heart that those buyers will likely need your product or service again… But instead of coming back to you for all the reasons you believe they should, they go next door to your competition.

Here’s How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant!

Have you ever heard the expression “Dig a moat around your business?”

The shop-floor translation is Protect Your Clients!

Not from cougar attacks or identity theft, but from other businesses offering the same darn product or service you are!

Here’s an analogy: The Sheppard and the Sheep.

The story is quite simple… The Sheppard loves wool and the Sheep hate wolves. So the sheep give the Sheppard wool in exchange for protection from the wolves. And they all lived happily ever after, the end.

Moral of the story? For as long as there are wolves, the Sheep need the Sheppard. If the Sheppard keeps them protected, they will continue producing wool and have no need to find a new Sheppard.

HOWEVER, in your business you’re not dealing with Sheep, you’re dealing with people. If Sheep could talk, network and browse like people can, they would certainly choose to graze in the pastures with the greenest grass (product), the tallest fence (protection) and the kindest caretakers (ongoing care) . 

You might have the greenest grass in the world, but how tall is your fence?

What’s stopping your buyers from leaving to check out the next business in line?

Furthermore, what are you going to do to ensure they are dependent on your care instead of someone else?

Don’t worry, I’ve got the answer for you already. And no, it doesn’t involve hours and hours of your time.

So what’s the solution?

An Entirely Done-For-You System for Turning Would-be One off Buyers into Clients for Life.

The cash-flowing asset I will install straight into your business will:

  • Communicate with all buyers that they are under your care.
  • Ensure Ongoing communication to strengthen and deepen your client relationships.
  • Provide value-add through education, entertainment and after-the-sale service far beyond the commodity value of the transaction.
  • Protect and serve your client’s interests so they don’t feel the need to browse the competition.

There is a huge range of tools we can use to nurture your clients. We’ll start with the ones that are best suited for your business model then expand into more creative channels.

We like the use a multi-channel approach and make it as automated as possible.

  • Email follow-up.
  • Direct mail campaigns.
  • Scheduled telephone calls.
  • Teleseminars and webinars.
  • Recorded messages.
  • Text message communication.

The best part?

Guaranteed Implementation and Guaranteed Results, when’s the last time anyone promised you that?

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