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The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

There’s an old expression that goes something like, “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  For me, that’s not particularly true, but I do know the fastest way to a buyers wallet, and that is, through his heart.

And the fastest way to his heart is to share a story with him.

See, sometimes people get caught up in the technical aspects of writing, just a little too much.  So for instance, in your effort to make sure you’re sharing benefits, you’ll list 25 bullet items.

But this alone isn’t going to work.

And maybe in your desire to try and get your prospects involved, you’ll use photos – dozens and dozens of photos.

And this too, won’t work.

Because the way to your prospects heart is to create a movie for him.  A picture show that shares a story he can believe in.  Something he can own as if it were almost his own story.

This is the ticket to making the true emotional connection you need, to get your buyers to dip into their wallets and give you their credit card numbers.

If you’re selling hand-made wood furniture, telling your buyers you’re using better wood than anyone else out there, is only going to take you so far.  But sharing a story like this, closes the deal:

“29 years ago, back in 1971, when my father started this company, he made a commitment to build these tables, using fresh North Carolina Ash Wood, only.

And here’s why.  See, for the first five years after he and my mom got married, the only piece of furniture they had in their living room, was an old hand-made table made out of Ash, that had been passed down from my maternal great great grandmother.

They couldn’t afford to buy new furniture, but because this table never seemed to look old or out of place… and because it looked almost brand new, even though it was over 75 years old… they never even gave it a second thought.

Somehow, the table had its own warmth that seemed to spread throughout the entire room, and guests would always comment about it.  Today, this special table sits in my own dining room, and now it can also be sitting in your dining room, sharing it’s warmth and tradition, and the memories your family will make around it, for years to come.”

I don’t care what you’re selling – stories like this — mini motion-picture shows you create… are a hell of a lot more powerful than any picture you could use.  And that’s something… you can take… to the bank.

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